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Lake Side Resort In Kumbhalgarh

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A Resort At Your Own Place

Be witness to an age of glory and valour : let the Kumbhalgarh fort take you back five centuries. The fort, built by Rana kumbha, is a testimony to the kings and queens who walked its corridors;to the war that etched the legendary Rajput valour on the pages of history. Difficult terrain and dense forest cover around the forthave provided strong protection against enemy invasiors.This fort has been unconceured, but once in its entire history. it has to tell; be sure to listen. Kumbhalgarh divides erstwhile states of Mewar and Marwar region ; from where you see both region at a time.

Walk along world's 2nd longest fort wall : The fort wall is claimed to be the 2nd longest in the world after the great wall of china. "The man-made monument visible from the space after the great wall of china ". Enjoy a walk along the fort; let the ancient jain and hindu temples along its pere-phery overwhelm your senses. The temples numbering over 350 belong to verious periods of history. Badal Mahal is situated at the highest point of the fort.

Give it your best short : Learn to be a fighter; take a lrsson in archery. Pick up that bow and arrow and brave those battlefield of your.

Experience the wild side of life.... The tropical decideous Kumbhalgarh sanctuary longest in Rajasthan spread across 610.5 square kms is home to myriad flora and fauna. One may spot wild animals such as sloth bear and panther. A perfect place to unwind... To find peace and tranquility in the lap of Mother Nature.... and to get up close to the exquisite wildlife.

Unleash your wild spirit : Take the irresistible, leisurely camel ride through one of the world's oldest mountains- The Aravalis. Exeperience its pristine beauty and let its magic cast a spell on you. On the way see the farmers ploughing in the fields, as you relish the fresh and spicy corn on the cob.

Devi Palace Resort constructed like heritage. 

DISTANCE from nathdwara is 40 kms, from udaipur is 70kms, from jodhpur is 160kms, from jaipur is 325kms., from Mt. abu is 130 kms & from bhilwara is 130kms.